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diy winter arrangement

  • by Your Friends at Veradek
Seasonal Winter Arrangement with a Corten Span Planter
Designer: Shelby Hallman Mailloux | @earthandsole


" A simple, structured modern arrangement to compliment the rectangular corten span planter. "

Designer, Shelby Hallman Mailloux

Follow the simple steps below to create your own arrangements and add a little pizzazz to your space this season.

what you will need:

Veradek corten span planter
Five birch poles
One bunch silver fir
One bunch leyland cypress
One to two bunches magnolia


follow these simple steps:

1. Begin to fill the Corten Span Planter with soil half way.  

2. Add the birch poles, and continue to fill soil to the top. Dig in deep so they are supported and don’t fall over, and pack the soil around each pole tight. Use a variety of short and tall poles for interest. 

3. Cut branches down to size for the planter. Add in some silver fir, to drip over the edge of the planter to create a waterfall effect. Shelby recommends using the underside of the foliage for more of a contrast, for a white-silver, winter wonderland look. 

4. Next add the leyland cypress for height, it’s strong branch and will hold nicely in the soil. It pairs beautifully with the silver fir – the touch of blue in the cypress and the white birch poles. 

5. Lastly, add in the lush glossy magnolia leaves.
Take a step back, and make sure it’s full enough to your liking. 

It doesn't get more simple than that! Feel free to reach out with any questions and add your comments and tips below. Can’t wait to see your creations, remember to share your winter arrangements with #myveradek. 


Meet you outside,



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