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container gardening 101: garden care & maintenance

by Your Friends at Veradek on

The most labor-intensive part of container gardening is done, now it's time to look at what it takes to upkeep your beautiful new garden!

community yard tour: emily bowser

by Your Friends at Veradek on

See how Emily Bowser took her concrete canvas and turned the cozy dial up to 10 while maximizing space and taking full advantage of the beautiful LA weather. 

plant parent 101: new plants & repotting

by Your Friends at Veradek on

Getting to know your plant inside and out is crucial to knowing what it needs now and in the future.

container gardening 101: container prep

by Your Friends at Veradek on

You've got the materials, now it's finally time to start gardening. Make sure you read these tips before getting started!

how to make oysters with green scallion mignonette

by Your Friends at Veradek on

Spoil your significant other with these green scallion mignonette oysters!

how to make frozen strawberry and mint ice cubes with prosecco

by Your Friends at Veradek on

Treat your sweetie with this colourful and flavourful celebratory drink!

plant parent 101: temperature, humidity, and fertilizer

by Your Friends at Veradek on

Your plants are in a new and sometimes different environment than what they're naturally used to, so keeping these important environmental factors in mind are vital for your...

container gardening 101: plant pairings

by Your Friends at Veradek on

Which plants are good for container gardens? Nearly all of them, but here are some things to think about when planning your plantscape.

plant parent 101: watering

by Your Friends at Veradek on

How much water should you give your plants? Well, it really depends. Read why in this edition of Plant Parent 101!

how to make a peanut butter banana espresso smoothie

by Your Friends at Veradek on

Kick back this afternoon with this delicious banana espresso smoothie

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