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designing the kona planters

  • by Your Friends at Veradek


New Product Spotlight : Pure Series | Kona Planters
Q&A: Veradek Product Designers 

" My favourite version of the Kona has to be the Kona Ten because it’s undeniably cute! "

Dom & Robbie,
Veradek Product Designer

As a product company, our ears are always pressed to the ground, listening for customer impressions, feedback, and suggestions that often become the driving force behind the creation or refinement of our products. The Kona 20 planter, released in 2021 in only the colour black, was put out into the world to see how our customers would react. We were floored by the amount of positive feedback, and the only consistent ‘complaint’ we received was that it wasn’t available in a smaller size! And so, our product team created not one, but two additional sizes in two additional colours. Today, we spent some time with Robbie and Domenic to learn more about the journey of taking customer feedback and turning it into a meaningful and tangible response.

What inspired the design of the original Kona planter and what made it so successful that it warranted 2 more mini versions of itself?

In the planning phase of designing the Kona, our goal was to create a planter less angular in shape to appeal to those looking for a softer and more welcoming shape. Although it may have been a ‘failed’ past design, we took our learnings from the Sierra planter and improved upon subtle design cues, most notably the curvature near the base of the planter. When nearing the final design for the Kona 20, we realized that the shape of it was so well balanced that it could be scaled down to smaller dimensions while maintaining its softened but notable presence.


Which size Kona planter is your favourite and in which color?

My favourite version of the Kona has to be the Kona 10 because it’s undeniably cute!

Kona Ten

I’d personally go with the Kona 15 since its size fares well as either an indoor or outdoor planter. It’s big enough to fit a small tree but small enough to fit inside a small living space without taking up too much space.

Kona Fifteen


What are the key design highlights/features of the Kona trio?

As with all of the planters and products we design, all weather durability is the crux of our design M.O. It’s our top priority to create products that our customers can trust and rely on to last year after year in any climate. And while durability is at the forefront, utility is also a must, which is why all Kona planters feature drainage holes which promote good drainage to avoid root rot and other complications that develop from too moist of an environment.


Lastly - and this is a somewhat unique feature to the Kona family - is that these planters have been designed in shape and size to pair well with one another when setup in a cluster.

 Left to Right: Kona Twenty, Kona Fifiteen, Kona Ten

We love the idea of simplifying and making interior/exterior design more accessible to those who are just dipping their toes into the world of home design and decor. With the Kona family of planters, you can create a threesome of different sized planters that’s sure to turn some heads.


Left to Right: Kona Ten, Kona Twenty, Kona Fifiteen



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