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container gardening 101: garden care & maintenance

  • by Your Friends at Veradek
Container Gardening 101

container gardening 101:
garden care & maintenance

Your container garden is all setup, now it's time to keep your new plant babies happy and healthy with a few simple but important habits.

Make sure to thoroughly water your plants, doing your best to maintain even moisture throughout the whole container. Do your best to not let the top soil dry out completely between each watering, as this causes the soil to be more resistant to absorbing new water. How often you water will depend on several factors such as the temperature, humidity, plant size, and container size. Make sure to do your research and watch your plants closely so you're familiar with each of their needs and sensitivities.

Pruning & Trimming
Make sure to check your plants periodically and trim any dying leaves or foliage so your plants can focus on their new and healthy growth. You can also prune back plants/stems that are leggy or have stopped blooming, but be sure to take note of what is causing this type of growth so that you can correct it.

Keep a close eye out for pests like aphids or mites, or signs of disease. Outdoor plants are much more prone to disease and pests than indoor plants, so if your plant babies are outside soaking in the sun, you'll want to pay extra special attention!

Pleasing to the Eye
Arrangement or plant grouping not turning out how you hoped? That's okay! Simply dig up or cut out the parts that aren't working and replace with a new plant until you're happy with your aesthetic. Don't forget that container gardening means you can rearrange your setup at anytime!

That's it!
We hope this series helped you build the confidence to get started on your own container garden, and we hope that the tips we shared will serve as a great reference as you assemble, arrange, and transform your living space. Proud of what you've created? We'd love to see! Share your transformations with us using #myveradek!


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